FIFA players agents germany

FIFA players agents in germany

We provide our clients with expert advice and guidance in the increasingly competitive and complicated football world. We help elite athletes and clubs to increase their presence on football’s vast international stage. Our trusted services for player development, placement, and management on an international scale.

  • Players’ Agents Licensed by the German Soccer Association “DFB”
  • Broad expertise, extensive resources and networks in Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey
  • Strong personal relationships with Players and Club Officials based on trust and long history of successful
  • In depth knowledge, understanding and passion for the football
  • Strong negotiation skills  to ensure maximum success for our athletes
  • Successfully introducing young talent, into the professional football league

Contract and Transfer Negotiation

BEST SCORE’s FIFA agents are licenced by the German Soccer Association (DFB).
We work closely with well-established and reputable partners to ensure that our clients receive the best contract.


Our Soccer Agency seeks Sponsorship opportunities for its clients through the existing and continuously growing network of well-established partnerships. Leveraging these partnerships allows BEST SCORE to create lucrative opportunities for our clients boosting their overall earning potential.

Media Relations

Today, many professional football players are confronted by the media with adversary and criticism on and off the pitch. Our media team is qualified to use the media for our players to reach a more lucrative level. BEST SCORE team can help you leverage media to your advantage.

Tax and Financial Planning Advice

The average career length of a professional football player is a short 10 years. During this period of time, our  Management team helping the players build and grow their wealth to ensure our clients a financially secure future. As part of our commitment to wealth management, BEST SCORE works with a range of well-established and reputable financial institution to help direct our players’ investment decisions. Our financial services include: Technical Tax Consultation, Investment Advice, Insurance, Mortgages.

Legal Aid

A professional athlete may face many legal challenges during his career, both professional and private. BEST SCORE works with well-established and reputable legal firms poised to deal with such matters expediently and with discretion.

Immigration Services

Our team can provide you and your family with professional advice and assist you step by step with the immigration process.

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